Mosquito Prevention: Watch the Kids' Toys

You've seen 'em.

You've felt 'em.


Mosquito Season is here.  Sure, we need to protect ourselves and our kids from West Nile Virus and other nasty diseases but, also, we want to simply save our skin from itchy, ouchy welts!

In advance of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week in June, Mr. Mister Mosquito Control provides these tips to families for keeping their homes mosquito-free:

*Eliminate standing water, as mosquito larvae can exist in as little as 2 tablespoons of standing water.  Children's toys are the #1 culprit (here's looking at you sand pails and water tables!)

*Stock any ornamental ponds with guppies, koi, or goldfish (most healthy, hungry fish will eliminate the majority of mosquito larvae from ponds).

*Eliminate decaying foliage from ground.

*Use fans in living areas that are without a natural breeze or air movement.

Real Simple Magazine offers this advice to keep the yard free of bugs during get-togethers.

And, Baby Center has recommendations for keeping your little one safe this summer.

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