Picky Eaters During the Holidays

I packed PB&J sandwiches and my cousin made hot dogs and mac 'n cheese.

There are so many delicious dishes that end up on our dinner table come Christmas for the adults, but will your kids actually eat them?

There's always a couple of picky eaters, one of my kids included! Instead of stressing out that they're not going to like anything, I learned the hard way. After several years of asking my girls to "just try it" one more time, I give them a free pass. There's just too much going on, too much excitement.

One of my daughters doesn't like dipping things, casseroles with "yucky sauce on it" or anything that's not plain. I make sure she eats well in the morning and simply pack what she does like. That way I'll avoid her saying grandma's food is "gross." (even when all of the adults are going back for seconds!)

Team up with the other moms or dads going and find out what all the kids like and share. This Parents Magazine article also includes some great ideas!

Have a great holiday! 

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