National Prevention Week

Substance abuse and mental health are the focus of National Prevention Week.  Every year, during the third week of May, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) increases awareness and encourages communities to educate themselves and others about behavioral health issues.

According to the SAMHSA:

There are three primary goals of National Prevention Week:

  • To involve communities in raising awareness of behavioral health issues and in implementing prevention strategies
  • To foster partnerships and collaboration with federal agencies and national organizations dedicated to behavioral and public health
  • To promote and disseminate quality behavioral health resources and publications

Because of the celebratory nature of this time of year, when proms and graduation parties are held, the use of alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana increases.  But, the SAMHSA is hoping education will deter that. They're encouraging community groups, schools and individuals to host health fairs, block parties, assemblies or social media campaigns to get the word out about the dangers of substance abuse and the impact it has on young minds and their future. Check out the "I Choose" project as one example.

Check out this website for more information on the campaign and how you can get involved on social media.


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