National Child Abuse Prevention Month

It's a subject no one wants to talk about, but unfortunately the conversation is a necessary one.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Statistics show 1 in 10 children will become victims of sexual abuse by the time they turn 18. Perhaps even more disturbing, more than 90% of those child abuse victims know the person hurting them. Shocking, horrifying and frankly very scary statistics. Cleary there was a need to adopt National Child Abuse Prevention Month, which President Reagan signed into law back in 1983. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services the goal is to encourage communities to work together to prevent child abuse and neglect as well as to share strategies and activities to promote prevention across the country.

One of those folks who has become a child advocate is Ginger Kadlec. Having worked at a child advocacy center with countless children who were alleged victims of abuse and neglect, she "felt compelled to do whaever I could to raise awareness and educate both adults and children about keeping kids safe." So she started a website called, Be a Kids Hero. It includes all kinds of resources, including a good touch/bad touch body safety program she teaches to elementary school children. She also tells me she's "developing a video series for parents about talking with their kids about child abuse prevention." Most important she says, "if someone suspects a child is being abused, it's crucial to explore that suspicion... there are actually right and wrong ways to have this conversation with children."  Ginger outlines suggestions here.  Ginger adds, "teaching children body safety from an early age" can only help.


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