'My Gym' Holds Fundraiser for Toddler with Cancer

Recently, teachers at My Gym in West Hartford noticed that a little girl had stopped appearing at class.  Director Nate Perry picked-up the phone to follow-up with little Leilani Jones' mom.

"She mentioned that they stopped because her daughter got cancer," says Perry.  "That got the ball rolling.  I spoke to the owners here and we came-up with the idea of a fundraiser."

Now, folks can "Pay to Play" on Friday, July 10th from 3:00-5:00pm in support of this two year old.  In April, Leilani was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called LCH (Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis) which develops when the immune system is working so hard that it begins to attack the body.  The cancer has eaten away the bines in her hips, legs, spine, ribs and skull.

She has endured surgery and chemotherapy.  All the while, she has remained strong.  "When she was in class, she was really bright, smart....really active, did everything well," says Perry, noting that people are already showing generosity, asking how they can help-out.  "We have such a great community here, especially in West Hartford."

For $10.00 apiece, kids can play on the equipment and help a family with medical expenses, all at the same time.

"My Gym" is located at 150 South Main Street in West Hartford.

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