Mother's Day Kindness Challenge

Cards and brunch are nice, but have you thought about giving the gift of kindness to fellow mamas this coming Mother's Day?

The writers at CT Working Moms are continuing an annual tradition leading up to Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8th. It's a kindness challenge (#momsarekind). According to their website, CT Working Moms will post kindness ideas on their facebook page from May 1st through May 8th. 

The founder of CT Working Moms, Michelle Noehren writes, "when we do something as simple as smile and say hello to a stranger or buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind us, it leaves a lasting impression not only on the receiver of that kindness, but on us too."

Check out the other nice gesture CT Working Moms will be doing for moms this Mother's Day by visiting their website

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