Mompreneur's Luggage Business Takes Off

Summer is a time when folks grab a bag and take-off, right?

It's a good season for Westfield, Massachusetts mompreneur Rania Kfuri, founder of Free Like Birdie, a line of travel bags for children, inspired by her small daughter (nicknamed Birdie) who loves to see the world.

The vibrant green bags include special compartments for "clean" and "dirty" items, as well as packing charts for frazzled parents, overwhelmed by remembering all the "kid stuff" needed on trips. When the business was new, Kfuri was featured in this 2013 Mommy Minute report.

See the video on YouTube.

Two years later, the award winning travel system is carried by national retailers.  "In fact, next week Free Like Birdie will be featured as the Boston-based online company The Grommet," says Kfuri, of the platform for select entrepreneurs who come-up with a problem-solving product.  "In addition, we recently launched a new product, The Birdie Blanket; a super soft travel blanket for your children with footie pouches that comes in a waterproof pouch."

Click here to see the bags and check out the Birdie Blog.



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