Miss Picky

It's funny how kids adopt their own idiosyncrasies. When I was little, I hated cheese. It grossed me out. I remember my parents always having to order a hamburger if we'd go out for pizza on a Friday night. Today, I know what I was missing out on after finally trying pizza! 

As many parents know, meal times can be stressful with a picky eater. My oldest ate anything I gave her until she didn't. My pediatrician said it was very typical in the 15-18 month old age range. A couple years later and my picky eater is making progress, although she would live on yogurt raisins, oatmeal squares, plain pasta and apples if I let her.  And according to this article, she'll probably grow out of it like I did.

It's a popular topic of discussion among parents: meal times. Just the other day, I was bonding with a mom at the park who also struggles with her daughter's picky eating. She confessed to giving her lots of choices but that she should "probably stop doing that." To each his own. There's the mommy guilt again, making us second guess ourselves constantly. No judging, whatever gets the job done. The article offers up some suggestions I might try, including trying a new food at a random time rather than at dinner. Who knows, taking the pressure off just might work! 



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