Magical Bedtime Book?

It's the dream of every parent: sleep! But, more often than not, you endure countless nights awake, taking care of your precious newborn.

I confess, one of the minor concerns I had about having a baby was the lack of sleep. I prayed for healthy children, a tolerable delivery and good sleepers! I often wondered how I would fair with all those sleepless nights. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm downright cranky, even if I lose one night of sleep. However, I survived those first few months with a couple hours here and there because I love my children and knew they were depending on me to eat in the middle of the night! 

But, as the months flew by, I hoped and prayed for more gradual chunks of sleep. As any parent knows, some children will happily oblige, while others seem to fight it.

In comes this "magical" bedtime book. It's all the rage right now. It guarantees your kids will go to sleep. While I'm sure it works for some, like the child therapist in the story says, it's not a quick fix for children with real bedtime problems.

Sweet dreams! 

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