Lighten Up and Laugh!

Lighten up and giggle a little. It's good for your family!

I know it's easier said than done for some Type A personalities (like my own)! However, having a sense of humor and encouraging silliness not only makes your children smarter, it's a good stress reliever for mom and dad too! That, according to this article from PBS. 

My husband is quick to laugh at himself and always makes a joke to break up the tension (or a tantrum for that matter). I'm grateful my girls see that their dad can laugh at himself and doesn't take life too seriously. I, on the other hand, run a tight ship, but certainly have a a silly side. I have no shame when my daughters want to take my picture making a goofy face or doll me up in their dress-up clothes. Often to break up the 'witching hour', I often host dance parties in our kitchen and act a fool with them. 

This article was a good reminder for me to laugh a little more, not only at myself, but with my children too! 

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