Ideal Bedtime

Bedtime: when kids stall for one last book, drink or trip to the bathroom and parents find themselves so close, but so far sometimes, to some much-needed quiet time!

It's no secret having a routine helps, for us, it's books, potty, prayers and bed.

But, have you ever wondered when the ideal bedtime for kids is? You know, before they're overtired but so you won't have to wake them them up for school? New research says, it's 8:30. Not starting the routine at 8:30, but being asleep by then. So, if you've got a dawdler, subtract however much time it's going to take them to use up their last stall tactic, and plan accordingly.

The study also details just how good it is for moms and dads mental health to have that time at night when the kids are tucked in to get back to neutral! 

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