How Does Your Garden Grow?

Want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? Grow them!

This is our first year growing a vegetable garden. My husband, under the direction of my in-laws (who have green thumbs) planted zucchini, cucumbers, red peppers, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes. My daughters and I are in charge of the watering. After patiently waiting half the summer, I am happy to say we have some of the biggest zucchini I have ever seen! The rest of the vegetables are all coming in now. My daughters are just as excited as we are when we see the progress. From the first flowers to the ripe finish, it's been a great organic experience for all of us. "How cool is it that we can grow our own vegetables instead of buying them at the store?" I ask them.  They love it and beg to eat to the tomatoes before we can even carry them inside. When I was little, my late grandfather would bring us vegetables all the time from his garden. I remember the fresh scent of the raspberries, tomatoes and eggplant he would share.  So, maybe it's a little bit of nostalgia, the garden coming full circle. Either way, there is a definate sense of satisfaction when you know where your food comes from.  The next challenge is perfecting the many recipes so the kids don't say, "zucchini again?!" Check out these 50 Zucchini Recipes my cousin sent me from the Food Network!   


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