Hot Enough For You?

Yep, it’s hot. Even those of us who prefer an open window to artificially chilled air are getting used to hearing the hum of the air conditioner. (How my 115-year-old house has central air is a mystery.)

A friend of mine just told me she’s working from home today because she “just couldn’t imagine picking out an outfit.” I hear you.

But people are quite divided on the issue of closing schools when the temperatures hit 90 degrees. Yesterday many towns closed their schools early because of the heat; My high schooler was let out at 12:23 p.m.

Parents on social media chimed in to say that when we were kids we never got out early because of the heat. (They’re right. We didn’t. Our teachers closed the blinds and we watched educational films.)

But many teachers described unfocused students who just couldn’t concentrate or learn because of hot classrooms, so they were all for a shortened day.So, what’s a school superintendent to do? Force students to sweat in oppressively hot buildings or make parents drop everything and pick up their kids in the middle of the work day? What would you do?

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