Food Freebie!

Who wants to cook?

Not me! But, who wants to pay for a meal out when you're not sure if you'll ever make it to your entree before you request a doggy bag. We've all been there. We have the best of intentions taking the kids out to eat. We pack their favorite toys as a distraction, but often times we'll be counting the minutes until the food comes by taking laps around the restaurant and hoping they don't have a temper tantrum because they're antsy or overtired!

Burtons Grill in South Windsor is trying to make it a little easier on families by offering freebies! On Sunday's from now until August, they're offering a free kid's meal with the purchase of a regular priced entree!

I don't know about you, but it's rare I find a restaurant that I like as much as the kids do which offers healthy meals at an affordable price.

Check out their kids menu. It includes lots of options for picky kids because as parents know, there is no 'one size that fits all' meal for children. 



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