Downsizing the Baby Gear

I started downsizing the baby gear.

We have a basement full of stuff.  Bins upon bins stacked on top of each other filled with baby clothes that my daughters will never fit into again. Toys made for infants fill trash bags and exersaucers take up space, even in a closet, taken apart.  I hate clutter and love throwing things away, but wasn't ready until now to sift through it all.  That's the sentimental me.  Moms know what it means when you start getting rid of the baby stuff: your family is complete, or you're closer to thinking it is.

So what do you do? Throw a tag sale, sell it or give it away? We're going for a combination.  I've already given the infant car seat away, now I'm tackling all those clothes.  I kept some of my favorites for family and close friends but since I had children later than most of my immediate circle, I was on the receiving end of their downsizing. Now I want to pay it forward.

So where do you start? Think about how much work you want to put into this project. I would suggest a tag sale if you have plenty of free time.  If not, but would like a little cash, perhaps to invest in the next size clothes your kids are going to need, try a consignment shop like Once Upon A Child.  Then, check your inventory and give away the rest! What's it going to do in the basement besides collect dust? If your family situation changes unexpectedly, you can cross that bridge when you get to it! And, hey, by that time, someone will be looking to downsize their stuff to you!

Check out this guide from Parents Magazine for some helpful tips to get started. 

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