Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

"Do you want to build a snowman?"...

Now that I got that song in your head for the thousandth time, how about building the so-called perfect snowman? A scientist profiled in this article actually created a formula to do such a thing! My first thought was to laugh because it reminded me of the last snowman I built with my daughters during one of last winters many snowstorms. When you see the unique looking guy/girl in my photo, you might guess that my girls made it on their own. That would be incorrect, I helped, and I'm proud of it! (even though I did become the butt of some family jokes!) I think he/she has a lot of character!

So, since we're all getting at least some snow this weekend, are you planning to throw on the snowsuits and try? I'd love to see some snowman pictures! Just post them on our facebook page, 

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