Day 1 of Summer Vacation: Now What?

It's the first day of summer vacation.

Two little girls, who love to play together as much as they like to bicker, looking for something to do.  I have to admit, I enjoyed not having to rush through the morning routine of breakfast, brushing teeth and getting dressed for a mad dash out the door.  That being said, so, now what? I enjoy scouting out new places and activities to keep them (and myself) busy. I've found playgrounds, parks, walking trails, petting zoos and libraries in the surrounding area. I like to get out of the house for small excursions to play with other kids and chat with other moms.  But, what about those home days?  I'm not crafty and there's only so many castles and towers we can build out of blocks! I like to have a variety of events planned for my girls, but sometimes I need to hang around the house so I can get some stuff done and my youngest can get a real nap! I know some parents enlist their children in camps and classes over the summer and that's great if you can afford to.  Here's some budget-friendly ideas for kids of every age that I think look just as much fun for you too! Please share your inexpensive ideas to entertain the kiddos! 


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