CT Attorney Writes Book to Help Kids Through Divorce

Going through a divorce?

Not sure how to talk about it with the kids?

Renee Bauer, a mom and divorce attorney in Hamden, recently self-published a children's book - called Percy's Imperfectly Perfect Family - that's helping parents start this difficult discussion and easing some anxiety in kids.

"I noticed there was a void in children's books geared towards divorce or the ones that were out there were very scary.  The word 'divorce' is big and a lot of kids don't know what the word means but they know how it makes them feel," says Bauer, explaining that Percy the penguin's experiences speak to kids in a way they can understand.  He wonders: when my parents split, where are my favorite things going?  Who will I share my birthdays with?  Through conversations with his teacher, he learns to look at each situation in a positive, not frightening, way.

Bauer, who has been through a divorce herself, is noticing a shift in the way parents are handling this important event.  "I think more parents today recognize the need to co-parent and to do so in a peaceful way so that the children benefit," she says.  "Even though you have a redefined family, it's still a family unit and still needs to operate that way."

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