Corner Munch Bookmarks: Cute Craft for the Classroom

My son's 4th grade is recognizing birthdays without food this year - focusing on alternative celebrations involving extra recess, special book time or a fun game.  We opted to bring-in a craft for the class since my son loves all-things-art.

I googled around...looking for a project that wasn't too young...and I found instructions for these great Corner Munch Bookmarks on WikiHow.

I headed out to Michael's craft store to get some simple supplies:

*Scrap book paper (make sure it's highly fold-able) in a variety of bright colors

*Cute school-themed stickers (I even found some that specifically reference 4th grade!)

*New glue (we always need new glue, right?)

Once in the classroom, I'll add scissors, rulers and pencils.

I made an example - following these directions which are basically a series of measuring, cutting, folding and glue-ing.

Voila!  The result is a nice-looking bookmark that the kids can keep in their desks for all of their reading this year.

I head into the class to present the project to the kids at 2pm!  Wish me luck!

Have any other quick, great crafts for kids?

Please share!

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