College Students Create Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Last summer, a Ridgefield toddler died after his father went to work, leaving him in the backseat of a hot vehicle.  It wasn't an isolated incident.  In fact, statistics show about 38 small children die - each year - in this tragic way.

Five engineering students at Rice University in Houston, Texas are working on a high-tech solution for this devastating problem.  They designed a car seat accessory that both protects a child accidentally left in a hot vehicle while also alerting the caregiver and emergency personnel to the situation.

The Infant SOS - which fits on standard car seats - can send-out text alerts when it senses a child is in danger.  Heat stroke sets-in at 104 degrees, so this device also features a cooling system that keeps an infant's core temperature at a safe level until emergency responders arrive on scene.

Next school year, another team will continue developing the device's alert system.

Students hope to then market the creation which will cost approximately $150.00 per unit.

Click here to learn more about the Infant SOS.


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