Celebrate 'Jurassic World' With Huge Lego Dinos!

I don't know about the kids in your house but mine are completely pumped to see Jurassic World, the newest installment of the classic Steven Spielberg franchise, starring the awesome Chris Pratt, known by my boys as Star-Lord.  We're headed to the movie theater TONIGHT.

And, this weekend, the excitement continues with a special celebration at Westfarms in Farmington to mark the one year anniversary of the opening of the Lego store.

From a press release:

Visitors are invited to help build a 15 foot, large-scale map of the United States using LEGO bricks.  Kids young and old are asked to build their own creation and add it to the LEGO nation at Westfarms!   

Be one of the first to see the LEGO models of the highly anticipated Jurassic World dinosaurs and it's stars of the summer blockbuster - "Blue", "Charlie", "Delta" and "Echo".  In addition, a model of the movie's main character, played by Chris Pratt, will be riding a LEGO brick motorcycle.  The four, 15-foot long dinosaur models will be located among Center Court.

Click here for more information.

There's just something about the end of school and the beginning of "summer blockbuster season" that perfectly symbolizes family fun time!

Enjoy...and let us know how you liked the flick!






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