Cards Against Humanity: The Clean Version

The moment the little black box arrived at my doorstep yesterday the two 13-year-olds at my house were mesmerized. While I had bought “Cards Against Humanity” to play with my slightly vulgar friends, the kiddoes knew all about it and wanted to play. The game is recommended for those 17 and up, with good reason. It’s a lot like “Apples to Apples,” a popular game I’ve played with my kids and with other adults, but a lot nastier.

The Card Czar (the player who most recently pooped) reads a black card and the other players offer up a white card in their hand that best fills in the blank. (Example: Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children … Joe Biden.)

Since the sudden downpour made jumping on the trampoline a little slippery I agreed to see if I could modify the game for them. “Go make some cupcakes and don’t come back until the kitchen is cleaned up.” Yeah, right.

Making this game (which my older boys have played during Boy Scout campouts that generally feature burping and test-driving bad words) appropriate for 13-year-olds was actually pretty easy. I just created a stack of cards free of inappropriate content. Because my eighth grader and his friend are particularly sarcastic and snarky, I kept a few in there that might be considered borderline for kids a couple years younger.

The verdict: The abridged version is totally fun, despite the obvious desire of the kids to see the naughty cards. The game I’ll play today: Hide the Game.

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