Camp Week Round-Up: Tons of Useful Links for Parents

Just finished-up year three of Camp Week, a special series I produce and host for Fox CT in April, during the time when parents begin to book summer programs for their kids.

The process can be overwhelming!  So, we hope we're providing some direction for busy moms and dads, looking for the perfect camps.

Click through these links to get some ideas and learn about valuable resources.

*Chinese Mandarin Summer Camp: A unique, New Haven program with international flair, inspiring kids to be bilingual.

*The CT Camping Association: This local group provides a directory of programs across the state and provides answers to questions, such as: "Is my child ready for camp?"

*Financial Help: As we all know, camp can be very expensive.  But, local resource 2-1-1 can help parents find camperships, sliding fee scales and free programs for residents.  Care 4 Kids can provide financial assistance.

*Camps for Kids of all Abilities:  Learn about programs in West Hartford for kids with special needs.  Also, the State Education Resource Center puts out a guide each year.  More than 50 programs are listed, as well as helpful tips and web sites.

*Leadership Camp:  Summer Nexus, a week long leadership program for urban and suburban youth, helps high schoolers make friends from diverse backgrounds and learn life skills, then apply them in a real world environment. 

Happy Trails!

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