Bye-Bye Binky

Night one, two desperate attempts for her binky.

I've been prepping my two year old for weeks. "When you turn two, you're going to be a big girl, so we're going to give your binks to a baby, because you're not a baby anymore, right? You're such a big girl!" She smiles, and responds with "soon."  

Well, "soon", snuck up on both of us I think, and my husband pulled the plug on the pacifier last night, at bedtime, on her birthday.  It went surprinsingly well, he didn't buckle, she didn't protest too much. She woke up a couple times asking for it, but Dad helped her get back to sleep. Today isn't going so well. She's crying for her binky. It's heart-wrenching and takes me back to our modified "cry it out" days, when my little munchkin had to learn to self-soothe. These are the times I realize I must be the softie. Someone has to be the "bad guy" sometimes I guess, but my husband and I agreed it's time, it just stinks in the interim. I know every pediatrican, parent or so-called expert has an opinion on the subject. I know some parents never give their kids a pacifier, some let them have it until they give it up themselves; to each his own. I'm not here to tell your family what's best. We know our daughter best, and I thought a gradual approach would work best, so I started with limiting the pacifier to only bedtime months ago. Cold turkey never worked for me, so maybe a gradual adjustment will work best for us. In the meantime, I'm here for you moms and dads! The struggle is real! No one likes to hear their child cry! 

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