Back To School... Seriously?

It started already.

I expected to see those three little words in commercials, all over discount retailers and at the mall, maybe by mid-July.

But, today, just one week into my daughter's summer vacation, I got a Toys R Us Back to School flyer in the mail. Seriously. Listen, I understand it's a business and they need to make money.  So, why not cater to your customers by focusing on the present? Can we please enjoy our summer first? It just got here. Officially, on Sunday. Vacation plans are in place, kids might be enrolled in swimming lessons or a week of camp, perhaps you're not being so strict with their bedtime. Can't we all just breathe for a second? I know education is extremely important for children, but so is play, so pardon your bottom line! Let's not rush it! Anyone with me?! 

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