Back to School: Boost Your Child's Brain Power

September brings the return of a busy lifestyle for parents and kids.

During this time, Dr. Annette Jakubisin-Konicki, coordinator of the UCONN School of Nursing's Family Nurse Practitioner Program, is offering tips for "back to school" success.

In order to "boost our child's brain power" and help them develop "executive functioning" skills - the ability to problem solve and juggle tasks - we need to make sure they exercise, eat well and get enough sleep.  Sounds simple, right?  But, when soccer, gymnastics, French lessons and chess club start-up, it's not always easy.

In an email exchange, the family nurse practitioner writes: "Supporting a routine of physical activity, wise, purposeful and nutritious food selections and adequate sleep patterns will help support the most efficient, effective use of your child's developing brain this enhancing their learning experience."

Click here to read Jakubison-Konicki's entire article which includes the importance of free play and a good breakfast.

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