Baby on Board... In the Front Seat?

Volvo's got an out-of-the-box idea about where to put your baby on board... in the front seat! 

The automaker is trying out the idea for their XC90 crossover in Shanghai, because as we all know, it's illegal here in Connecticut to have your child in the front seat until they are a teenager. Up until then, there's a strict list of guidelines to follow for their safety. From rear-facing infant seats, to forward facing, booster seats, weight and age requirements dictate when we can make a change, it's the law. But, check out the picture. You gotta give Volvo credit for trying. They removed the front passenger seat and created a safe seat for baby. What parent hasn't tried soothing their baby through a tantrum while keeping their eyes on the road? Picture a road trip where you could keep an eye on your child or even feed him/her a bottle and entertain them? Sounds amazing to me! Read more about it here

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