Active Family Time: 'Sky's The Limit' When Hiking CT!

This week, my DayTripper is about Mommy Minute is about hiking...why not pen a blog post about hiking?!

Do you know about the state's Sky's the Limit Hiking Challenge?

This Connecticut State Parks program, designed to promote hiking in our parks and forests, kicked off in January.  Instructions are easy.  First, go take a hike at one of 14 listed locations with high peaks such as Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden or Talcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury.  Take two photos of yourself/kids/family: one in front of State Park sign and one at location.  After visiting 10 spots, email photos to or mail to CT DEEP State Parks, Sky’s the Limit, 79 Elm St., Hartford, CT 06106, emailed or postmarked by December 11, 2015.  After all of this, you (or your kids!) will receive a medallion.  The sporty family that hikes to all 14 peaks migh even receive a hiking staff!

"We want people to be healthy, get out there and know that we have all these wonderful locations," says Diane Joy, supervisor of education for Connecticut State Parks, noting this is a great 'challenge' for all ages. 

Also, Joy believes 'making it a game' is effective: "We know that to be the truth with our Great Park Pursuit where families are working on getting a park pass or our letterboxing program where people like to have a destination."  Earning a reward - such as the medallion or hiking staff - motivates people, especially kids.

My husband learned about this challenge and involved the boys who got really excited...our 9 year old loves a good MEDAL!  Last weekend (while mom was at work), they started this epic journey, climbing to the top of the tower at Fort Griswold in Groton.  What an excellent summer adventure!

Please share your familiy hiking stories!




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