AAP Reconsiders Screen Time Guidelines

At my house, screen time equates to ice cream; they're both special treats.

My daughters are allowed small quantitites of both, if they behave and run around FIRST! 

However, the rules bend for that rare plane ride, long trips in the car, when they're sick or if mommy has work to do, like right now! I can honestly see the value in some of the programs, apps and games out there!

But, for a while now, the American Academy of Pediatrics has had some pretty firm guidelines on how much time your children should spend in front of that TV or iPAD. According to AAP.org: no screen time for kids under 2 and 2 hours or less for older children. But, they have now added: "in a world where screen time is becoming simply time, our policies must evolve or become obsolete."

Check out what they've come up with following a symposium with a host of digital and parenting experts AAP hosted in May.

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