A Lesson in Philanthropy

I've been efforting a lesson in philanthropy for my children.

It's a big word for little kids, so, since I always learned best by doing, I'm trying to lead by example.

I explained to my young ladies that we have too many books and are going to share. I collected two bags of my own. There's only so much room on the book shelf and now it's time for someone else to enjoy them.  I kept my favorites and got rid of the rest. Next stop, their book shelf. While grabbing each of her princess books, my youngest says, "I'm keeping these."  Fair enough.

I found a worthy cause. The Vernon Historical Society. It's a non-profit run solely on volunteers. While bringing in our donation today, the museum director was kind enough to explain the origin of all the trinkets inside to my young children. I also learned it's their 50th anniversary so several celebrations will be held this year. Their main fundraiser, however, is the annual book sale in late April. The museum director tells me the majority of money raised goes toward upkeep of the building. They started collecting used hardcover and paperback books today. To learn where they're located and what times they'll be accepting donations, click here. You'll also find more information about the Vernon Historical Society and it's various exhibits. Also worth noting, if you'd still like to help, but don't have any books to donate, they're looking for volunteers to help sort the books. Just call 860-875-4326.

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