Who's Cool Now?

I NEVER felt like one of the cool kids growing up.

I remember 5th grade like it was yesterday: frizzy hair, bad skin and cliques! I felt awkward, ugly and shy.  I tried to "fit in" but just didn't.  I was uncomfortable in my own skin.   But, according to a new study you can read here, that might be a good thing!  

Despite the fact that puberty was NOT kind to my hair and skin, I started to develop much better friendships in high school and eventually college.  In fact, I'm still very close with many of them.  For me, being cool was more about how I felt on the inside.  In fact, people who only know "adult me" would never believe I was the awkward, shy kid growing up since I am an extroverted, talkative, confident adult.  However, am I saying I'm one of the "cool kids" now?  Maybe I just don't care as much! 


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