When Your Child Is Afraid Of Fireworks

Many of us will be heading to fireworks this holiday weekend and, there's no doubt, these displays can be alarming for some kids. 

Check out this great article from the Chicago Tribune, featuring tips about how to prep your child for the darkness and loud noises.  Apparently, ear plugs and sunglasses can come in very handy!

Also, here is some advice regarding little ones, from Ingrid Prueher, The Baby Sleep Whisperer, located here in CT:


Independence Day in the USA is a happy time of celebration. From tasty family barbecues to the thrill of parades and the pop and flare of fireworks, little ones are exposed to many activities that may leave them with lack of sleep and anxiety. Anytime your child is exposed to something out of the ordinary, like fireworks, loud crashes, or a fire alarm going off, they may require a bit more TLC.

If your child is sleeping and is awakened by a startling noise, this can be traumatizing. In these situations, I recommend you go into your child’s room and pick him or her up. Don’t turn on the lights, but hug and reassure them, and sit with them until they become calm. Once they are calm you can put them back in their crib or bed. I also suggest you turn on a white noise machine.

Have any strategies?  Pass them along!  And have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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