What do Teachers Really Want?

As the last day of school approaches before winter break, I wondered, what do we get my daughter's teachers?

Let's just say it's been a while since I've been in school and this is my oldests' first year of preschool.  She has three teachers and absolutely loves school.  At three, it's hard to figure out exactly what she does everyday, but I get little snipits of songs, stories about friends she's made and I see the projects her teachers have done with her.  She's thriving and it's obviously, in part, due to her teachers.  I didn't want to get them anything that would end up in their junk drawer, who has any more room for "stuff?" I'm a big fan of useful gifts.  I asked a good friend of mine, who's a teacher, what do you actually want?  She told me homemade gifts from students are the best, followed by candles, soap or a box of tea.  She said many teachers often get coffee mugs, so that might want to be one you avoid!   Check out this article to read about some of the best gifts teachers have gotten!

We decided to give gift cards as well as a cute picture from my daughter!

What did you get for your teachers?

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