Westport's 'Baby Sleep Whisperer' Stars In New Web Series

Connecticut's Ingrid Prueher, the subject of a Mommy Minute feature in July 2011, is a consultant who helps tired parents learn how to get their baby to sleep.  Called the Baby Sleep Whisperer, she is starring in a new web reality series on Parents.com which really shows off her skill!

From a press release:

Baby sleep consultant, Ingrid Prueher, is fast becoming one of the top child sleep consultants in the nation. She left her work as a full-time research analyst to become a full-time parenting consultant and child sleep consultant. The mom of two now works with sleep-deprived and frustrated parents all over the country, helping them sleep train their children. Now Ingrid is starring in her own reality web series on Parents.com called Baby Sleep 911. Throughout the series, Ingrid visits the homes of parents whose daily routines have been turned upside-down by a baby who won't sleep. In each episode, Ingrid comes to the rescue with expert tips and tricks that will help sleep-deprived parents and their babies rest easy.

Click here to see Prueher in action!

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