TV Time

I'm not a big fan of TV.

Probably not an uncommon opinion, however, I did spend 15 years as a TV News Producer, so you would think I would live and die by it.

I just always use it as a last resort for my entertainment and definitely for my children.

I will not sit here and pretend I don't have "my shows" that I love to watch.  There are a few, and a couple of them are pure garbage.  My husband constantly asks me, "How do you even watch this crap?" The short answer is that it's usually so far from reality for me that it's an outlet.  That being said, I rarely watch the stuff.  If it's a nice day out, I actually feel guilty being inside.  If my children are napping, I am either doing my chores or writing my column or blog posts.  On the rare occasion, I grab a book and sit outside, it's pure bliss for me!  There are days, few and far between, I sit and watch one of "my shows."  I don't feel bad about it if the weather stinks or if I'm fried, like I usually feel at the end of a week. 

So, when my husband and I decided our daughters were old enough, we did throw on an educational program or two, occasionally.  I figured, not all TV is "bad" and in fact, there are plenty of shows that have a lesson or teach them colors or counting, etc.  But, I WON'T let them become zombies in front of the TV while I ask them for the 17th time to put their shoes on.  We have rules, generally one show a day, and for us, that works.  When the show is over, I turn the TV off.  Sometimes there's a fit, but I do my best to direct them to the next activity.  For us, it's about moderation.  Perhaps it's because I grew up in a household that almost never had the TV on.

I just read this article.  It's an interesting take on a mom who decided to quit TV cold turkey for her families morning routine. 


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