Turn on the TV!

"I probably watched too much TV when I was little, and I turned out ok." Direct quote from my husband. It's one of the many subjects we disagree on.  According to this article, the research is actually behind my husband.  Surprising for me, not so much for my husband, haaa!

Anyway, in all seriousness, I'm the parent who treats TV like a privilege.  On a typical day, I allow my kids to watch one half hour show, usually the same one. (Sick days, including when I'm under the weather, I bend the rules.) It's probably because of the way I grew up. We didn't have cable until I was in high school. No joke.  My parents saved TV for the news or to watch a movie at night.  They taught me, and I'm teaching my girls, that there's generally something else to play with.  I remember spending entire days outside with my sisters in our fort when I was growing up.  We made our own fun.  I also have fond memories of playing school in our basement, pretending I was a teacher and my sisters were my students!

My point is, that's how I grew up and I loved every minute of it.  It forced us to be creative and get rid of all our energy, but as kids, we just knew it was fun.

My husband did not spend his childhood, parked on a couch, glued to the TV, missing out on life.  He was a great athlete, made lots of friends and has the memories to back it all up. That being said, he was allowed to watch more TV than I did.  He's extremely smart and has a great work ethic, so, hmm, maybe I need to bend the rules on days when everyone is healthy.  Like the research suggests, use it as a learning opportunity rather than time to do the laundry or send an email.  (I know, easier said than done!)

Either way, maybe I won't feel so guilty moving forward when I throw on the TV now and then.  The research shows, kids are actually learning from it!



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