Trust the Tiny Toy Testers

Still stumped about what to buy your kids this holiday season?

Apparently you can turn to YouTube for some stellar advice.

Check out this paragraph of an article called Toy makers' new darlings: tiny critics on YouTube.

At a time when toy sales have stagnated for years at $22 billion, children who review toys on YouTube are wielding increasing influence. Toy makers are courting them for their ability to connect with a generation that views the online video sharing service like baby boomers do HBO.

Take a look at EvanTubeHD, featuring an incredibly cute kid with a blossoming career reviewing hot toys such as Lego and Skylanders. 

This fall, the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford also employed special toy testers: several kids, ages, 5 to 12.

Click here to check out their recommendations for worthwhile gifts, including Kinetic Sand.

What do you think?

Will you be listening to these young experts this Christmas and Hanukkah?

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