Tired Parents

The timing of this Parents magazine article couldn't be better.

My husband and I are exhausted.  I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it!  Our daughter Addison is going through another sleep slump.  She's 13 months old, so the issue has nothing to do with her age or inability to get herself to sleep.  She has shown us time and time again she can and will sleep through the night.  It happens in spurts, we think we're on a roll and she throws us for a loop again.  At times it's been an ear infection or teething, we've even broken her bad habit of waking up just to be snuggled.  The last couple of weeks, she goes to sleep and wakes up a few hours later.  We give her her pacifier, reassure her, and time for bed.  She falls back asleep for what seems like 5 minutes (but is probably more like a half an hour) and wakes up, just as I'm settling down and getting ready to fall back asleep.  We've even had to move her older sister into another room because she's such a great sleeper but is NOT happy if she's woken up!

The article isn't about helping your baby sleep, it's about helping mom and dad sleep.  I was sadly comforted by the fact it mentioned how common it is for parents to have insominia, for this very reason.  It includes great tips for how to calm your (my) racing mind, when to cut off the caffeine and how lights and technology affect your ability to fall asleep.  

Perhaps it's just a case of, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" since I have trouble falling asleep sometimes.  Either way, I found myself doing the yoga pose it suggested and plan on trying many more of their 19 suggestions!

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