Tips for Traveling with the Kids

"Are we there yet?"

The question every parent dreads, but hears a million times in the car before usually ever coming close to their destination. With Memorial Day weekend upon us, I figure I'd ask if there's any ideas for parents to make traveling easier for the whole family.  "Involve your children early on when planning a road trip", says Aaron Kupec, public affairs manager with AAA Allied Group.  "Show them your route on a map and help them decide places to stop."  Aaron also suggests bringing a map along (even if you're using a GPS) so you can show the kids how far you've gone in relation to where your destination is.  Activities help distract kids too, so Aaron suggests bringing "family games, sing-along CD's and activity books, especially with references to your destination." If you need some suggestions, try this webpage which has downloadable games and coloring pages.  Once you've decided what you're packing, make sure it's secured safely in the car, Aaron says "loose items in the car can be thrown or become missiles in the event of a crash or sudden stop."

 AAA is predicting more than 36 million Americans will travel at some point during the upcoming holiday weekend, 88% of them by car.  So, although you might encounter some trafffic during your travels, Aaron says to get "proper rest" and "buckle up."  He says according to Connecticut Safe Kids, 4 out of 5 safety seats aren't installed correctly. That's why they offer free car seat checks, by appointment, at their Manchester and West Hartford offices. 

Have a safe holiday everyone!


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