Time Out!

"You need a time-out!" I've now said to my 3 year old daughter several times. Sometimes we're home, so my husband or I are the only witnesses, but sometimes, it's one of those grocery store meltdowns or freak-outs leaving a play place.

Either way, as parents, it happens.  The tantrums, the unacceptable behavior including hitting and kicking.  We've all been there.  But imagine when your child is kicking or screaming or crying or maybe all three and now you have the police to deal with?

It recently happened to Hollywood actress Charlize Theron.  She apparently had put her child in a time out at a public park and he threw a tantrum.  Not newsworthy.  Sounds pretty normal.  But, a passerby called the police, who in turn, found she did nothing wrong.

Don't get me wrong, by all means, call 911 immediately if you suspect someone is mistreating a child.  But, in this case, I'm saying it sounds like a case of mind your own business!

I know each parent has different expectations for their children.  I know each parent disciplines their child differently. Some yell, some don't.  Some try time-outs, some take away their favorite toy or priviledge. I would love to hear what works to calm your child or stop their unacceptable behavior, especially if you're out in public.  Please share!


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