The WIP Moms Open Second Gym in Avon

Get in, get out, get on with life.  That's the idea behind Work In Progress Group Fitness, an innovative gym in West Hartford, started by Laura Keever and Mary Kate Doyle, both moms of three.

The WIP philosophy, shown here in this Mommy Minute report, is all about making Boot Camp less intimidationg and more personally empowering.  "We really focus on the entire enviroment - the welcoming, the encouragement, the bonding of the team in a group setting.  That's what sets us apart," says Keever.

Now, the fresh approach is growing.  After just 20 months in West Hartford, Doyle and Keever are opening a second location in Avon.  "We have friends over the mountain.  It was the logical next step," explains Keever.  "We're going to follow the same model.  Our trainers will be coaching at both locations, we'll have babysitting in Avon."

"We can't wait to meet a whole bunch of new people," says Doyle.  "We're super excited to start off the New Year with such an exciting new development."

Click here to learn about a special introductory deal.  Folks can work out in Avon for two months for $100.00.

Regular memberships and punch cards will be transferrable between WIP's two locations.

This quick expansion begs the question: is a full-fledged WIP franchise on the horizon?

"You know what, we'll see," says Doyle.  "We're excited about Avon, so, one step at a time but the sky is the limit as far as we're concerned!" 

Keever and Doyle plan to open the new facility on January 20th.

Good luck, Ladies!


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