The Death of the Big American Family?

I come from a big family.  I am the oldest of four siblings.  But, how often do you here that anymore?  I feel like a family of 6, or more for that matter, is almost unheard of these days (unless we're talking about the Duggars!)  

This article includes some of the obvious reasons American families are downsizing.  The single biggest factor: the cost of childcare.  But, what surprised me is, many of the families want more children.  Sometimes it's because by the time they found "the one" they wanted to have children with, their baby-making days were numbered.  Sometimes couples were busy pursuing their careers, but, for many families, it's the price tag.  

No one can deny the cost of raising a child-- from diapers and food to clothes, activities and college.  My parents stuck to a strict budget, but my siblings and I never felt like we missed out on anything.  Now, I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters.  My husband and I are happy with our family of four.  And although I loved growing up in my large family, we'd probably need to win the lotto to have baby number 3!





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