Temper Tantrums

I've been here before, aren't I supposed to be an expert by now?  So why do I feel like a first timer? 

This is my second rendezvous with temper tantrums, so why haven't I learned the tricks of the trade?  The short answer? every child is different.  It doesn't matter that I'm a mom of two now, just when you think you've figured something out, they surprise you!

I know temper tantrums are a right of passage or something, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy them or wish we could skip that part, right?  My oldest will be 3 soon, so I've seen my fair share.  My youngest is now 13 months old and within the last couple of weeks, she is LOUD and ANGRY!  All of a sudden, the shrieking has started.  It's like your child carves out a special sound, just for you, she knows how to push your buttons.  When I put her down when I know she wants me to hold her and give her a pacifier, screaming, when I walk out of the room when the babysitter is here, screaming.  I remember when I was pregnant I said this little lady would be feisty and sassy and she is fitting that description to a tee.  (who knows where she gets it! :) One of the suggestions in this article suggestions ignoring them, I did that.  It's so hard though isn't it?  It's not like I haven't tried some solutions, I'm just frustrated, I'm allowed to be sometimes, right?! I'm not one of those moms who acts like everything is perfect, because sometimes you have a rough day!  Anyway, check out the 10 ways to tame a temper tantrum

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