A Summer Adventure: The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

If you ever have occasion to travel to Columbus, Ohio, be sure to check-out a fabulous attraction.

This summer, a visit with family took us to the Buckeye State for a long weekend.

We spent a day at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, a pretty amazing destination that left us incredibly impressed.  Famous Letterman friend and well-known zookeeper, Jack Hanna, is Director Emeritus, giving the landmark worldwide renown.  It is located in Powell, about a 25 minute drive from Columbus.

According to Wikipedia:

The Columbus Zoo is home to over 9,000 animals representing over 700 species and sees over 2.3 million visitors annually.

The zoo operates its own conservation program, donating money to outside programs as well as participating in their own conservation efforts. Over the past five years the zoo has contributed over $3.3 million to more than 70 projects in 30 countries

My sons, ages 8 and 10, were absolutely wowed by the polar bears, the cheetahs and the new Africa exhibit, featuring giraffes.  A brown bear put-on the most incredible show for us (see picture), as he sat in the water, pressing his paws against the glass, reacting to the children.

The property includes an Aquarium, where we saw a manatee for the first time.  Awesome.

And, if all this wasn't enough, there is also a massive waterpark on-site, called Zoombezi Bay.  Oh my goodness, we cruised down Python Plunge and Big Boa Falls.  We played like crazy at Baboon Lagoon and swam leisurely in the Lazy River.

Prices are reasonable...staff is friendly...the park is super clean.

All in all: a great experience.

Road trip next summer, perhaps?  We recommend it!

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