Hope For 'Lotus Leaf' After Unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign

A few weeks ago, I profiled Julie Robbins, a pre-natal massage therapist and creator of a pillow-based sleeping system for expectant moms, in this Mommy Minute report.

A Kickstarter campaign, aimed at making this design, called the Lotus Leaf, a reality for women who have trouble sleeping during pregnancy, did not reach it's goal by August 13th.

From her Woodbridge practice, Robbins is not deterred: "We had a lot of support from people...but, what we discovered is that pregnant women want it now.  They don't want it six weeks from now." 

Her prototype adapts to different body sizes and stages of pregnancy.  Nine ergonomic pillows fit together symmetrically, some in the same case, on top of a sloped base cushion, placed under a fitted sheet.  The system supports a changing body while helping to reduce swelling and heartburn.

For a pregnant woman, it's not just about comfort.  Research by the University of California-San Francisco School of Nursing shows that women who sleep less than 6 hours a night are 4.5 times more likely to have cesarean deliveries.  Robbins believes quality sleep during this precious time helps the health of mom and baby.

The fundraising effort yielded some surprising results.  "A lot of people who did back us for the Kickstarter campaign were people who wanted it for other reasons," says Robbins.  "I had someone whose wife had a heart condition and someone else who was suffering from cancer, an elderly woman."

"We have a plan.  We are working on alternate funding and we have the good problem of having multliple sources of possible funding.  In fact, some of it is because of the Kickstarter campaign and the exposure it brought in," says Robbins, confident that production will only be delayed a few weeks.  She hopes to re-launch the Lotus Leaf in October.

The pillows are made from eco-friendly material and will retail for $199.00.

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