Sticker Charts for Toddlers

I'm willing to try just about anything.

My two and a half year old is going through a rough patch. Besides the tantrums, she's also got some new fears, and all of a sudden, my great sleeper, hates bedtime.

Moms and dads know what's best for their kids, but I often like to tap into my resources when I'm out of ideas.  So after chatting with our pediatrician, family, friends and even seeing what comes up when you google "toddler anxiety", "toddler tantrums" and "sleep regression", I've decided to try a sticker chart.  

The idea can be tailored around your child and is also referred to as a reward chart.  I came up with things my daughter does really well, things she needs work on, and frankly, things that, need to change!

You can do it any which way, but my husband and I agreed a dry erase board makes the most sense for us.  You can reuse it every week and keep changing the tasks as you see fit.  The idea is to get your child to feel good about the things they're doing right by showing them. We decided a certain amount of checks or stars,  will get her an ice cream or toy at the end of the week.  We're going to let her mark down her successes so she sees them and can learn from them. 

I am NOT under the impression her bad behavior will miraculously change. We are trying and will continue to try other methods as well.  I know our daughter is testing us.  She's growing up and some of it is exciting for her and some of it is frightening. It's hard to put yourself in their shoes, but I'm trying. Until this phase passes, I don't think a sticker chart will hurt, but I'm really hoping it'll help.


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