Snowy Valentine's Day Muffins

I wanted to bake something sweet for my kiddoes today, but I know that I usually end up eating more cookies or whatever than they do, despite their ridiculously speedy metabolisms. (I'm currently using an almost-public shaming method of losing 5 lbs. along with my friend, Allison. We regularly text each other our weight, which we'll continue to do until we reach the desired number. It helps that we weigh exactly the same and that we're only trying to get back to where we were before Thanksgiving.) 

I found this recipe for Skinny Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins over on the Ambitious Kitchen blog. The health-conscious blogger uses honey rather than sugar, and throws in a plain Greek yogurt for some protein.

I altered the recipe slightly by using cow's milk instead of almond milk, which will kill my nut-allergic children. That would surely put a damper on Valentine's Day. I also think these would be better with walnuts or almonds, both of which would also send them to the hospital. They're such buzz kills, those kids.

The reviews are in:

"Not enough chocolate chips." 


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