Should Children Refer To Us By Our First Names?

Suddenly, there are several articles floating around the internet about kids who refer to their parents by their first names, rather than "Mom" or "Dad".  The thought?  According to this piece, some parents believe relationships aren't formed by labels.  But, experts warn this trend could lead to "authority" issues.

When my boys were younger, they called their pre-school teachers by their first names.  I always urged their friends to call me "Sarah" just felt right.  Both of these practices would sometimes elicit questions:  "Don't you want kids to respect you?"  "Are you trying to be a friend rather than a parent?"

I thought those questions were silly and I ended-up writing a column about the friend-parent issue.  Of course we want kids to respect us but the parent-child relationship is complex.  I do consider myself "friends" with my kids...but a whole lot more, as well.  I'm a friend with rules!  And structure!  I am happy to report that they listen to me and, yes, respect me.

But, is this new trend different?  Should kids be calling their own parents by their first names?

Whatever works, I say.  Every family is different.

What do you think?

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