Seasonal Allergies

It just might be the only unwelcome sign of spring: Seasonal Allergies.

The sniffling, sneezing and burning eyes are back. "The pollen count is higher than normal this year, mainly because of the prolonged cold we had in the winter", says FOXCT Meteorologist Dan Amarante, "It delayed the growing season just long enough that everything is blooming at once." 

Although I can take Zyrtec and feel significantly better, for kids, medication isn't always the answer. My daughter is 9 months old. She's been congested off and on courtesy of the long awaited warm weather, but she's too young for medication.  Jan Szumowski, a Registered Nurse for Sutay and Stewart Pediatrics in South Windsor says, if children in the 3 or 4 year old age group starting showing "significant symptoms", there is medication such as Zyrtec or Claritin they can take in smaller doses.  Of course, ask your pediatrician what they recommend first.  But, that doesn't mean your little ones have to suffer.  Jan says you need to "get the pollen off the hair and body, so bathe your child in the evening."  She also added, "keep the pillow cases clean" if they're using one.  Dan says "tree pollen is the main culprit this time of year.  One thing thing that really knocks down the pollen count is rainfall."  Well, allergy sufferers, you're in luck.  "Tuesday, we're expecting a lot of rain, so the pollen will likely fall from high to low."

So, goodbye sunshine and sniffling, at least for today!


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