Safer Internet Day

At the ages of three and one, my daughters don't yet log a lot of internet hours.  But, that doesn't mean anytime they're allowed, they're not asking their Dad to play a game or look at pictures and videos on his smartphone.  While my husband is very tech savvy, I'm not.  Don't get me wrong, I know how to look for information online, am slightly addicted to social media and have no problem learning computer programs.  However, that doesn't mean I know how to fix an issue if it pops up and I certaintly wouldn't know how to find things my kids aren't supposed to be doing if they did have a computer.

Today is the 12th Safer Internet Day. The theme is "Let's create a better internet together."  The idea got started in 2004 by the EU SafeBorders project and is now hosted by the Insafe Network, The idea being for kids, parents, caregivers, teachers, educators and politicians to work together 'to build a better internet for all.'  It's a worldwide event celebrated in more than 100 countries. In the U.S., there are several events marking the day, including the One Good Thing campaign, spearheaded by It asks people to share 'One Good Thing' they've done or plan on doing to make the internet safer via a short video or text uploaded on  Those videos and texts will be shared at an event today at Facebook headquarters in California.  The event will also include a couple of presentations, one of which is on bullying, a topic all too familiar to our youth.



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